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Modern dance and contemporary composition take on the energetic excitement of a sporting event in the electrifying "60x60 Dance." This one-of-a-kind performance, where each minute of the hour features a new composer and a new choreographer. The 60x60 Dance collaboration is one of the most loved performances of 60x60 and has been performed in more than 7 different cities in 3 different countries. 60x60 Dance has featured more than 500 choreographers and thousands of dancers. Each performance run features a different group of composers and choreographers. The performance pairs 60 modern dances with 60 contemporay music works to be performed in sequence without pause to create an hour of pure inspiration.

60x60 Dance debuted in Europe to join the celebrations for London's Open Weekend, a festival starting a two year countdown for the London Olympics in 2012.

"Either a genius or crazy concept for a dance show, depending on how you look at it: 60 choreographers each create 60 seconds of movement to be performed in succession, making one hour of fast-changing, switched up dance for the age of short attention spans. Co-ordinated by East London Dance, dance styles range from ballet to Lindy hop to street, jazz and contemporary, and if there's one thing you can say for sure, if won't be boring." - Time Out London

60x60 Dance was debuted in Toronto where Paula Citron called it "a thoroughly enjoyable and original hour." She also gave 60x60 a "Genre Fusion Award" for her 2010 year in review for dance.

60x60 Dance has had several performances at the World Finanical Center Winter Garden Atrium where it was reviewed from the New York Times.

"As the dancers and their music unspooled through a seamless hour, there were frequent cheers from the large crowd packed into rows of chairs and on the broad flight of stairs at the other end of the hall." - New York Times

60x60 Dance has performed twice in New York City's Dance Parade in Tompkins Park where thousands congregated for the parade and festival.

60x60 has propsered with various incarnations of 60x60 in St Louis with the New Music Circle and the HEARding Cats Collective. Several audio and video versions of 60x60 have presented over more than 5 years; however, the most adventurous productions were 60x60 Dance performances at the MadArt Gallery and the Sheldon Theater. 60x60 Dance has was broadcasted on HEC-TV in St Louis and is archived there on the Internet.

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60x60 is a project of Vox Novus
60x60 was created and founded by Robert Voisey to inspire, produce, promote, and disseminate the vast aesthetics and styles of contemporary composers being written by today's living composers.
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